Friday, August 31, 2018

Support a Local Author

I have always been an advocate for good works of literature and I have always promoted other authors and their works to people. My recent campaign is not only to promote other authors but to promote reading books.

Too many times I have gone to events where people look at my books and then promptly tell me they don't like reading books, or they don't have time, or whatever the reason may be. In an attempt to get people to read, go to their library, or buy a book from a local author I have launched a T-shirt campaign which I hope will bring awareness to both the elements of the adventure found in reading a book and the fact that there are so many very talented local authors in every town.

I am dedicating a page on my website to links to some of my favorite authors and there will be more added as time goes on. My website is listed on the campaign t-shirt so if someone decides to actually check out the website they will not only see my books but be led to other amazing authors as well.

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