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Press release

After 6 years of waiting fans of the Lost Daughter of Easa will be happy to know that at last the sequel has been released.

Death Is Not Predictable.

Death is losing its hold in the land of Authora. As the dead rise and sleepers awake, the weaving of webs begins and the lines blur between the two worlds as memories fade from one to another. Elsie Lind is slowly remembering and regaining her past, but in doing so, she has become an outlaw and now the most coveted woman in Authora. As word of her return spreads throughout the land, a change has come and not even the dead will rest. The Spider Witch, now free of her prison, will not be deterred from her plans. She will stop at nothing to secure Elsie as a means to her own power. But, who else seeks the benefit of the heir to the throne of Easa? A benefit such as being able to control the dragons could make grand plans more than possible. What evil awaits? What plans have been set in motion?
Who will Return to Eas…


Three days and five student interns trapped in a war zone far from their native countries. The balance of life or death hangs on race, religion and culture branded by stereotypes for the souls in the 7Cages.