Thursday, June 21, 2018

J L Mulvihill's upcoming events

I have three major events coming up. 

The event is first is MS Comic Con this weekend in Jackson, MS. 
You better be there or you'll miss Linda Blair! Image result for linda blair
The second event is a book signing at the Country Caboose Wedding Chapel and Railroad Museum in Joplin, MO. 

This is very cool because Abby, the character in Steel Roots starts her adventure here in what I call New Joplin in the Boxcar Baby.  This is a real passenger railroad car and caboose.  I will have my other books with me as well for those of you who desire epic fantasy. 

Speaking of epic fantasy, a little trivia for you with regards to The Elsie Lind Chronicles. Did you know that in The Lost Daughter of Easa, the town where Elsie lives called Ophir is a real town? I do a lot of research for all my stories and every place and every name has a meaning to it. 

My third upcoming event is the Steel Roots series blog tour which is taking place July 11-18.

Be on the look out for that to gain more insight to the Steel Roots series and the characters within. 

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