A Posthumous Tribute

We are but a breath.
The morning sunrise and moonlit nights mark the calendars and passing of time,
And words of wisdom from long ago may fade as we grow more muddled of mind.
But not you.
You did not sit and idle your days on memories and dreams lost or never declared,
Putting ink to paper you embraced the words determined your thoughts would be shared.
We will not forget.
Your laughter, your tears, your friendship and anger, the you we come to know so well,
and because of your words and the stories you told, in our hearts you will always dwell.
We are but a breath,
but words last forever.

By: J L Mulvihill

In memory of her friends and authors, 
Tom Garrett, William Hodge, Doris June Myers Hodge, and Meralyn Peterson.



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